Early-blooming cherry blossoms

This winter is warmer than usual. The early-blooming cherry tree is already flowering in midwinter. 2 months earlier than that of the ordinary cherry trees. Maybe real spring will come unexpectedly earlier this year.              今年はいつもより暖冬です。真冬なのに早咲きの桜がもう咲いています。普通の桜よりは2か月も早く咲いています。今年は本当の春も予想以上に早く来るかも知れませんね。

Plum Dog 梅犬

Do you know Ume Ken or literally “Plum Dog” ?  It’s relatively a new mascot character. You will be cheered up by the vivid red color of the pickled plum if you see Ume ken. I happened to meet Ume Ken and cool Saika warriors at Wakayama Castle.  


Happy New Year!

On January 1st before the dawn, lots of people were waiting to see the first sunrise at Wakayama Castle. The sunrise in Wakayama city was 7:05 a.m. Then Wakayama Castle was shining in golden with the ray of the first sun. The scenery was so beautiful and we could predict the happiness of the year.

元旦に夜明け前から多くの人々が和歌山城で初日の出を拝むのを待っていました。     和歌山市の日の出は7時5分。その後、和歌山城が初日の出の光を浴びて黄金に輝きました。その光景は非常に美しく、新年の幸運を予想できるようでした。

Graceful Flowers

When I guided in the Nishinomaru-Teien Garden in Wakayama Castle, I noticed Tricyrtis macranthopsis ―a rare plant, came out.  These are blooming gracefully around the rocks under the stone bridge. The Japanese name “Joro” came from the “Joro Otoshiyori “―the highest rank female servant in lady’s chambers in a palace.        I guess from the color of the flower, she was permitted to wear prohibited noble colors. I hope visitors peacefully enjoy this beauty.



Bundara BushiーKishu Dance Festival ぶんだら節 紀州おどり

On August 3rd, I participated in “Bundara Bushi―Kishu Dance Festival”. This is the annual event in Wakayama City. I danced to the traditional melody from the intersection of Rokubancho to City Hall. About 60 groups including “New Version Bundara 21”dancers danced. Unofficial participants are also welcomed. “Odorunya―Kishu Yosakoi Dance Festival” was also held on the same day and on the following day. In the song lyrics, a great merchant in the mid-Edo period, Kinokuniya Bunzaemon is praised. “Bundara” is derived from his name. Some scenic spot such as Wakayama Castle, Kataonami, Tomogashima Island, Burakuri-cho arcade or Kimiidera temple appear in the lyrics.


Exorcism at Kishu Tosho-gu Shrine  紀州東照宮で厄払い

At Kishu Tosho-gu Shrine, you can see some unique votive tablets with a Chinese character “厄” (unlucky age). They are hung upside down. In this way, you can ward off evil spirits or calamities. The unlucky age is determined by adding one year to the actual age. For example, 25, 42 and 61 for men. 19, 33 and 37 for woman. If you are reaching the unlucky age and feel something is wrong, why don’t you visit Kishu Tosho-gu for exorcism?



Yoshimune in a life jacket  ライフジャケットの吉宗公

This summer again, you can see the statue of the Shogun Yoshimune wearing a life jacket. It suits him, doesn’t it? He is contributing to “Wear life jacket” Campaign. I hope many people wear life jackets to prevent accidents in a waterside.



Happy Family 幸せ家族

On July 13th, I had a chance to guide a Taiwanese family. I was happy to meet such a nice family. We enjoyed walking in and around Wakayama Castle and visited Wakayama Castle zoo where visitors can see animals free of charge. Their summer holidays at school have already started.  My sons are independent of me. We have few opportunities to travel together. It seems many Japanese cannot afford a long vacation until retirement age. However, when I guide close families, I can share happy feelings with them.



Summer Schedule  夏の予定

It’s getting hot and humid, but are you doing well?                Some tourists are full of beans. We enjoyed strolling around Wakayama Castle with Taiwanese family the other day. A lot of trees gave us the cool shade and it was cool and nice at the observation deck of the castle tower.                In July, we will guide tourists only in the morning (from 10a.m.~) for free on weekend and national holiday. In August, the schedule becomes irregular so please check the schedule on our home page beforehand. If you need a guide to match your schedule, please send us your request.

だんだん蒸し暑くなってきましたが、皆様お元気でお過ごしでしょうか?      観光客には元気一杯の方々もおられます。先日、台湾のお客様と和歌山城の散策を楽しみました。多くの木々が木陰を作ってくれていましたし、天守の展望台も涼しくて気持ちよかったです。7月は午前中だけ(10時スタート)週末と祭日に無償案内をいたします。8月の無償案内は予定が不規則になっておりますので、あらかじめ語り部クラブのホームページでご確認ください。お客様のご予定に合わせて案内のご依頼があればご要望をお送りください。合に合わせて低料金のご案内も致しております。

Yosui-en in summer

Yosui-en (cultivated green garden) in Nishihama is so beautiful in rainy season. The garden has about 1,100 Japanese black pine trees on its 33,000㎡ site. This year unfortunately the situation of the hydrangeas aren’t very good. However you can enjoy multiple color of gemlike flowers scattered in a manly green pine tree world. The cool wind blowing through the pond is also comfortable.